Patent monetization

Increase your chances of selling patents

Profit from patents that are no longer of use by having easy access to the patent market, through our partner network comprising patent brokers and companies interested in buying patents. Our Monetization Service is available to all patent owners.

To submit your patents, please send us the relevant patent numbers, preferably grouped into patent families as well as any other information about potential use of the invention and the market for the technology. Evidence of Use (EOU) is appreciated, indicating the patented technology is used either by the patent owner or by other parties. Information regarding licensing agreements, other encumbrances, earlier court proceedings, is also relevant.


After receiving these details, we send you a confirmation email and we will present your portfolio to our partners. If one of our partners is interested in your patents, we will initiate contact. It might take 2 or 3 months before to receive feedback from our entire network.

When the interested partner is a company that wants to buy your patents, negotiation starts with a due diligence audit. If the due diligence has a positive outcome, the next step is negotiating the price and the terms and conditions of the sale.

If the interested partner is a broker that thinks it may find a buyer for your patents, you will probably have to sign a brokerage contract. Dennemeyer will not be a party in this contract and negotiations about the terms and conditions of the brokerage contract are carried out between you and the broker. After signing the agreement, the broker will present your patents to potential buyers. If the broker finds an interested company, due diligence will follow. With a positive outcome of the Due Diligence, the selling price and the terms and conditions of the selling contract will have to be negotiated.

The patent market

Selling prices of patent families are typically in the range of US$ 20,000 to several million dollars, with an average around US$ 200,000. However, the variability is very large and the prices also depend on the economic cycle of the patent market, which is currently in a down-cycle. Still, the main factor of influence remains the intrinsic value of your portfolio.

The selling potential of your patents may be positively influenced by the following:

  • the patent family comprises at least one granted patent; chances of selling only patent applications are small;
  • the patent family comprises at least a US patent and/or a German or European patent;
  • the remaining lifetime of the patent is at least a few years;
  • the whole patent family is for sale;
  • the patent family is part of a portfolio of patents, covering a particular technology, and the whole portfolio is offered;
  • the technology protected by the patents is being used (EOU).


In most cases Dennemeyer will not charge the patent owner for its Monetization Service. In case you use the services of a broker, a fee for its services will be part of the brokerage agreement. This fee may be a commission, for example a percentage of the selling price. In some cases, Dennemeyer will act as broker. In any case, the step of presenting your patents to our network of partners is free of charge and does not bind you in any way.


If you have any further questions relating our Monetization Service or you want to send us information about your patents that are up for sale, please send any correspondence to: or call us at
+49 (0) 69 69 59 60-0.