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Dr. Robert Fichter

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Managing Director, Dennemeyer & Associates
Supervisory Board
German Patent Attorney (Patentanwalt)
European Patent Attorney
European Trade Mark and Design Attorney (EUIPO)

As the head of Dennemeyer's Information Technology department and IP law firm, Dr. Robert Fichter is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of software development and IT infrastructure as well as the management of all international branch offices of Dennemeyer & Associates, including managing day to day operations. Being one of the product owners of Dennemeyer's IP management software DIAMS iQ and a patent attorney with both law firm and industry experience, Dr. Robert Fichter forms a bridgehead between IT and IP.

Prior to joining Dennemeyer, Dr. Robert Fichter was a partner with a German patent law firm handling patent, trademark and design matters for local and international clients, including Fortune 500 companies. This position was preceded by employments as unit head for Intellectual Property software in a Finnish company and as IP specialist at 3M Espe. In these positions Dr. Robert Fichter gained considerable experience in innovation management as well.

Dr. Robert Fichter lectures frequently at universities, law schools and conferences about IP and business strategies and IP related outsourcing matters. 

Dr. Robert Fichter speaks English, German and has been active in the field of IP since 1995.

Area of expertise: Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science

Qualifications & Authorizations

  • Doctorate in Chemistry, Germany (Dr. rer. nat.; Dipl.-Chem. (Univ.))
  • German Patent Attorney (Patentanwalt)
  • European Patent Attorney 
  • European Trade Mark and Design Attorney (EUIPO)