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Dr. Sebastian Walkiewicz

Patent and trademark attorney (Poland)

European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney

Dr. Sebastian Walkiewicz started his work in IP field in 2002 as a freelance translator of patent documents. In 2003, he joined IP team in one of the fastest developing IP firm in Poland (LDS Łazewski Depo and Partners). 

In 2008 Walkiewicz became a Polish patent attorney. Between 2009-2011 he completed a basic course on European Patent Law  organized by CEIPI. In 2014, Walkiewicz passed European qualifying examination and became an European patent attorney. 

In September 2015, he joined Dennemeyer & Associates. During his practice in the field of IP, Walkiewicz participated in various case types, such as patent application drafting, patent applications prosecutions, infringement/litigation proceedings, EP patent validations in many technical fields, including mainly chemistry (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical products, chemical technology, etc.) and mechanics. He also was involved in cases, in which he represented several top companies in the pharmacy field.

At Dennemeyer & Associates Poland, Walkiewicz leads Patent and  EP Validations teams. He also supervises Patent annuities and Recordals teams.

Dr. Sebastian Walkiewicz speaks English and Polish and has been active in the field of IP since 2003.

Area of expertise: chemistry, engineering, pharmaceuticals, trademarks, designs, patents

Qualifications & authorizations

  • Doctorate in Chemistry, Poland (Doktor nauk chemicznych);
  • Patent and Trademark attorney, Poland (Rzecznik patentowy, Polska);
  • European Patent Attorney  (EQE), (Europejski rzecznik patentowy (EQE));
  • Professional representative before EUIPO (Zawodowy pełnomocnik przed EUIPO);
  • Postgraduate diploma in Industrial Property Law (Studia Podyplomowe w zakresie Prawa Własności Przemysłowej);
  • Basic course on European Patent Law (organized by CEIPI)  (Podstawowy kurs europejskiego prawa patentowego (organizowany przez CEIPI)

Awards & memberships

  • Member of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys
  • Member of Institute of Professional Representatives before European Patent Office (EPI)