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“Gold standard” kills “Essentiality test”

Amendments to the claims of European patent applications and patents are a delicate issue. Find out more about recent developments of the related case law.


Patent strategies for the Asean region

When considering an “ASEAN IP strategy”, one must consider what is meant by “ASEAN” and “Asia”. These terms can be loosely interpreted or used interchangeably.


Foundation for building a valuable business

Identifying the value and purpose of an IP asset at any point in its lifecycle is critical to creating improvements to a company or law firm's operation.


Dennemeyer & Associates Brazil is "IP Law Firm of the Year 2016" in Latin America

Dennemeyer & Associates is proud to announce that our office from Brazil [...] received the award of the Intellectual Property Law Form of the Year.


The Future of IP and Technology Law: 8 cities, 8 Forums

Our 2017 US Forum Series focusses on “The Future of IP and Technology Law”. And it is coming to a city near you this spring.


Von Feldmäusen bis Brexit: Videos zum aktuellen IP Update von Dr. Malte Köllner

Höchste Zeit, den Kreis der Zuschauer zu erweitern: Wegen des großen Erfolgs der Reihe veröffentlicht Dennemeyer künftig Videos der einzelnen Themen der Reihe.


What’s new? Join our spring workshops!

Our spring series is discussing various strategic and legal aspects of IPR Management. Did we make you curios about our spring seminars? Come and find out more.


How to Outsource Trademark Renewals to Unlock Value

TM practitioners are constantly juggling how to efficiently allocate services, satisfy diverse portfolio requirements, and stay within a tightening budget.


Olivier Lombardo selected among the “World's Leading Trademark Professionals 2017”

Olivier Lombardo, has been selected for the fourth year in a row among „The World's Leading Trademark Professionals 2017”.


Dennemeyer & Associates opens new office in Moscow

The new branch office assists our existing clients with protecting their IP rights in the Russian Federation and Eurasia.


Christmas charity campaign ends with donation to Doctors Without Borders

In December we decided to include more projects in our donation campaign. Besides to the IP Christmas Quiz, we sustained two charity projects in Romania.


Dennemeyer runs a series of workshops in 2017

Our 2017 series of workshops is discussing various strategic and legal aspects of Trademarks and Patents.