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Dr. Bernd Hupfer

Patentanwalt (DE)

European Patent Attorney, European Trademark & Design Attorney

Dr. Bernd Hupfer studied chemistry and received his Ph.D. in polymer science at the University of Mainz, Germany. Before joining Dennemeyer & Associates, Dr. Hupfer held various positions in R&D, quality management and manufacturing in several internationally-known corporations. Among his former job titles, we can mention Head of manufacturing and engineering of Ticona GmbH’s European business unit for polyacetal (POM), and global business unit for ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) with sites in Germany and the US.

In the field of IP, Dr. Bernd Hupfer was Head of “Intellectual Property EU” of Celanese Corporation, where he was also Chairman of the Managerial Employees’ Committee (Sprecherausschuss) of Celanese’s German group companies. He brings a wealth of knowledge in the development and maintenance of patent portfolios, including enforcement and defense of patents in European and non-European countries. Due to his previous experience, Dr. Hupfer can advise on drafting and negotiation of IP related agreements, such as confidentiality agreements, license agreements and evaluation agreements.

Dr. Bernd Hupfer speaks English and German and has been active in the field of IP since 2001.

Area of expertise: Chemistry, Trademarks, Designs, Patents, Contracts, Litigation, Employee Inventor Compensation Law, IP transactions, Office proceedings, Prosecution and enforcement, IP portfolio management, Technology commercialization, Technology management, Operations and manufactu

Qualifications et certifications

  • Diploma in chemistry (University of Mainz, DE)
  • PhD in polymer science (University of Mainz, DE)
  • Patentanwalt (DE)
  • European Patent Attorney
  • European Trademark & Design Attorney

Récompenses et affiliations


LES, VPP, GRUR, ACS, GdCh, VAA, EPI, Patentanwaltskammer

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