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IP Blog / Associate Spotlight with Dr. Robert Fichter

Associate Spotlight with Dr. Robert Fichter

If you ever visit Dr. Robert Fichter in his Dennemeyer office in Munich, Germany, you will find a painting he received as a gift from our Croatia office team. 

Dennemeyer's Associate Spotlight is a monthly feature highlighting our team of dedicated professionals who work in 23 offices around the globe. Get to know Dr. Robert Fichter,  Managing Director of Dennemeyer & Associates worldwide. As the head of Dennemeyer's IP law firm, Dr. Robert Fichter is responsible for the strategic direction and management of all international branch offices of Dennemeyer & Associates, including managing day to day operations. Due to his past assignment as one of the product owners of Dennemeyer's IP management software DIAMS iQ, not only is Dr. Robert Fichter a bridgehead between IT and IP at Dennemeyer, but he also has some fun hobbies. Something you might find interesting about him is that he has a long history in ballroom and show dancing and has participated in many competitions!

What IP matters do you assist clients with the most?
Before focusing on my supervisory tasks as Managing Director of Dennemeyer & Associates worldwide, I’ve been actively filing and prosecuting trademark and patent applications in the chemical and mechanical field. Today, I consult clients on their IP strategy and procedural needs and lecture as well on these topics.

What has been your favorite IP work you’ve been involved with or case you’ve handled?
Among all IP rights, I like trademarks the most and I have managed an extensive portfolio of trademarks for a chemical corporation in Germany. One of the most interesting cases, however, was the establishment of a full IP portfolio for a startup company in the movie industry. This included consulting the client on filing strategies, setting up an IP strategy and aligning it to their business strategy. I filed all their core trademarks to protect the product name and arranged pre-right declarations with owners of older rights in different classes, protected the product’s shape with industrial design applications, filed German and international (PCT) patent application, applied the Luxemburg filing model and branched off a German utility model to quickly achieve enforceable rights, and even considered requesting copyright protection in the US.

If Dennemeyer were a TV show, which actor would you want to play you?
As I am a child of the 80s, I would hope for Thomas Gottschalk to play me.

What is the best thing about the company you won’t find in the job description?
Every time I talk to applicants about Dennemeyer and our incredible growth within the last few years, they can hardly believe that we grow by a two-digit percentage year after year. Working in such an expanding environment is the best thing for me as it is, at all times, challenging and never boring.

Do you have any “hidden talents”?
I’m pretty good at cutting music for dance companies, particularly for the Munich carnival prince and princess. Still today when you attend the Munich Fasching balls and see a performance of the official Munich Fasching Prince & Princess you will hear music cut and arranged by me.

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
There are too many exciting things to do, but I value any opportunity to go on a motorcycle ride. The Alps are not far away from Munich!

What is your most treasured possession?
I’m not at all a collector. eBay is an excellent way to get rid of things. When other people see me they might believe my mobile phone is my most treasured possession :) However, my motorcycle is certainly treasured higher at this stage, but some day this toy will also have to find a new owner.

Where is your favorite vacation destination and why? 
Any spot on this planet where you can go for a nice scuba dive. I would love to travel to Iceland and do a deep dive in the Silfra canyon where the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates meet.

What is something most people might be surprised to know about you?
I have a long history in ballroom and show dancing and together with my (in the meantime) wife I participated in many competitions and gave public performances.

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