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Assessing a company’s IP management through the benchmarking process is the best insurance against disruptive inventions. Dennemeyer’s long standing experience and its mixture of professional qualifications in IP helps you get an unbiased 360 degrees picture of where you actually stand. Our database includes companies of various sizes and from different backgrounds, and our Benchmarking service, IP Quick Check provides a first rough impression on these figures. If you like we can even directly benchmark several IP departments that belong to the same group.


Disruptive proof portfolio

Comparing yourself with your competitors, or even adjacent companies, can help you avoid being disrupted by trends and developments you don’t even have on your radar yet.


Technology assessment

Stay ahead of the curve! We can help you detect trends and discover innovative developments in technology so that you have a head start on your competitors.


Digital Readiness

By assessing your products, we can tell you which of them can benefit from digitalization and transform them into products for the digital age.


Detecting the quick wins

By performing hard analysis on your products, we can find a gap in the market where you can really make a difference and, subsequently, get relevant revenues.

Reality check for your IP management

Comparing your IP management to your competition is like a test in school: always scary, but a necessary experience if you want to develop yourself. Getting to know your place on the market is an excellent starting point to create future strategies and adjust IP portfolios, organizations and processes. We use KPI’s and calculate conversion rates that fit your company’s strategy and IPRs, so every report allows you make the best decisions for the future of your company.

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Is your IP management leading in your segment? If not, start learning from the best in class. Hard numbers, KPIs and conversion rates will allow you to realistically place your company on the global market. If yes, better get a proof on that.

— Dr. Sevim Süzeroglu-Melchiors


Get a new perspective and added value on your IP management through the use of Dennemeyer’s innovative strategies.

IP Valuation

Putting a price tag on an IP portfolio it’s something that is worth investing in. Our IP valuation service is your best choice when you are looking for a fair, fast and efficient solution.