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Trademarks are forever, designs are not. Depending on the country, your design may serve you up to a period of 25 years. Let us help you get the most out of your IP portfolio by protecting your design applications wherever you want us to.


Full protection out of one hand

Use our IP services more efficiently by combining our administrative and legal services for your entire IP portfolio - from patents and trademarks to designs.


One dedicated point of contact

Entrust your designs to us through their entire lifecycle and you will have only one contact person to support you with all matters that might occur.


Ready to defend your designs

Big parts of the so called “patent wars” between smartphone producers were about designs. Make sure that you have a strong and globally active partner in case the need for decisive action arises.


A global network with local expertise

If you and your company think global, why not choose a partner who does the same? Dennemeyer combines the global scope with unmatched regional IP expertise.

Design Prosecution where you need it

With 18 offices in 15 countries, Dennemeyer Group manages nearly three million property rights of more than 3,000 clients, and is the largest global full-service provider in the IP industry. Entrust your designs to us and be sure they are in safe hands.

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Designs can be a very emotional aspect of your products that literally shows your very own style. Be sure they receive the best protection available through a global IP group with local expertise in all major jurisdictions.

— Dirk Kromm
Dennemeyer & Associates

Design Filing

Protect your designs from the start by allowing Dennemeyer to help you file them in all jurisdictions you wish to be present.

Design Renewals

Protect your designs overtime by letting Dennemeyer administrate the renewing aspect of your portfolio.