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Design is about creativity and style. Nonetheless it also needs to be administrated. Let your design department focus on what they are best qualified for and let Dennemeyer handle the renewing aspect of your designs. You will no longer need to worry if your business activities will be hindered by not filing for renewal. While you focus on creation, Dennemeyer’s legal experts deal with the formalities.


Single point of contact

One dedicated attorney or lawyer supervises your design renewal throughout the entire process.


Early filing

Six months before the design expires, Dennemeyer will start the process of renewal, so you can continue your activity unhindered.


Late renewal aid

If you forgot to file for renewal, Dennemeyer will help you get back on track with minimum effort within an additional period of six months.


Broad range of reports

Control the renewal process by following detailed reports on the different renewal stages. all at transparent costs.

Design Renewals made easy with a reliable IP partner

By using the law firm services of Dennemeyer, make sure that you will never be in danger of losing your designs. Give your departments a chance to fully commit to their work. Let Dennemeyer deal directly with the respective local offices, and your designs will be 100% safe in your portfolio for as long as you want. Mitigate your risks, partnering with the most trusted patent renewal service provider.

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Designs define the actual look and feel of your company and its products. Besides the creative aspect they need to be administrated in order not to get lost. Entrust this task to a global IP group with local expertise in all major jurisdictions.

Romain Hoffmann
Global Head of Patent Annuities, Dennemeyer Group

Design Filing

Protect your designs from the start. Dennemeyer supports your filing process in the selected markets and jurisdictions.

Design Prosecution

Ready to defend your designs, Dennemeyer is always there when the need occurs.