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Dennemeyer’s Design Searches and Opinions service helps you discover if your designs are really new, or if someone else already has the same idea – and even worse: protected it.


Availability search

Before filing a design, Dennemeyer & Associates will check your creation so that it doesn’t get rejected. We protect you from re-inventing – and the expensive consequences.


Global presence for global designs

Dennemeyer’s global network of experienced trademark lawyers and patent attorneys can perform searches for all parts of the world in which you want to protect your designs.


We help you find the gap

Should the results of our search show that your design is too close to a design already protected, Dennemeyer will help you find a viable solution.


We speak your language

English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Croatian, Polish… these are just a few of the languages that we cover.

Global design protection

Your creation is what differentiates you from the rest of the market. Distinctive designs of your products will ensure that clients all over the world recognize your products without knowing who actually produced them. Therefore, your designs really need to be new to the extent that they can’t be confused with designs already protected. Avoid expensive and time consuming disputes through a diligent and competent Design Search and Opinion with Dennemeyer.

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Designs are a visual asset which makes monitoring them more difficult than monitoring the use of words. Our global network of excellenct lawyers and decades of expertise help you find exactly the distinctive designs you want. And defend them if necessary.

Dirk Kromm
Dennemeyer & Associates

Design Filing

Protect your designs from the start. Dennemeyer files your IP assets in global jurisdictions.

Design Prosecution

Ready to defend your designs globally? Dennemeyer is always there when the need occurs.