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Especially in the online world, trademark registrations should go hand-in-hand with domain name registrations. Without relevant domain names, your company and its products can’t appropriately be marketed, searched and retrieved on the Internet. Visibility and awareness are of utmost importance.


Pre-emptive domain registration

Dennemeyer registers domain names even before the trademark application is filed, safeguarding them against poaching.


Full domain service

Our specialists take care of the entire process from registering, purchasing, hosting, and renewing your domain names. Choose among more than 1,000 top level domains.


Legal expertise

Dennemeyer offers legal advice in case of domain name disputes and handles UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) proceedings.


Purchase agreements drafting and acting as agent

If your company wishes to purchase a domain already registered with a third party, Dennemeyer can act as an agent for you.

Protect domain names and increase relevance in the virtual world

Part of the prosecution services that Dennemeyer offers, or just as a stand-alone service, the Domains service is a must have for every owner of a new IP asset or product. Dennemeyer will make sure that as soon as your patent or trademark is obtained, your company will also have the proper domains to protect your new product in the digital world. Take advantage of the full package of services for the best possible results — and get the best-priced package.

Meet a domain expert for your analysis

Domain names are valuable signposts in the online space that lead to your product. Dennemeyer offers the full range of services for the management of your intellectual property including domain names – out of one hand.

Dr. Richard Brunner
Dennemeyer & Associates

Patent Drafting

Benefit the most of your inventions by having professionals create your patent drafts.

Dennemeyer & Associates

Patent, trademark, and design protection as well as Intellectual Property defense, our IP Law Firm supports you in all IP challenges, worldwide.