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Your IP department is the organization that puts your IP power on the road. The better its organization and its processes are aligned and streamlined, the more you will get out of IP portfolio – and out of your IP department.


IP Operational excellence

Dennemeyer helps you optimize the operating model for your IP through the right mix of outsourcing our software to support you.


IP Processes excellence

Dennemeyer helps you optimize the processes you manage your IP with - the expertise of the world’s largest IP full service provider makes sure we know all about how IP is managed globally.


IP Organizational excellence

Dennemeyer helps you optimize the organization you manage your IP with - through our combination of experienced management consultants and dedicated IP experts.


IP leadership excellence

Lead by example! Dennemeyer helps you find the right way to lead your IP department.

Organized to perform

Your Intellectual Property rights deserve to be managed in the best possible way. Benefit from the extensive experience of the Dennemeyer Group that combines all professional qualifications and all the experience needed for the management of IP. We can support you with the optimal set up of IP organizations and processes, because we have been serving many clients worldwide – from global corporations to law firms.

Let's talk

Dennemeyer Consulting is the only IP management consulting firm with a large history in IP. It’s not just a consulting department added to a global IP group, but it actually combines the essence of the experience, the qualifications and the global presence of the world’s largest full service provider in IP.

— Dr. Sevim Süzeroglu-Melchiors

IP Intelligence

Keeping an eye out on competition, detecting possible infringements and also future industry trends help you stay one step ahead in the race for the podium.

IP Valuation

Putting a price tag on an IP portfolio it’s something that is worth investing in. Our IP valuation service is your best choice when you are looking for a fair, fast and efficient solution.