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Usually companies tend to protect most of their inventions just to be sure they have them in their IP portfolios and nobody else can benefit from them. Of course, not all of these patents can actually fit into their IP strategy. In these cases, Dennemeyer is there to help companies make the most from them – by finding a new owner.


No risk for the owner

In most cases, Dennemeyer will not charge the patent owner for its Monetization Service. So, if you don’t use a patent, let’s see how you can benefit from it anyway.


Short assessment times

After receiving the details of the patents in order, it may only take up to two or three months before we receive feedback from our network.


Global network for best offers

Dennemeyer has developed a wide network of partners over time, each from a variety of fields that maximize your chances of success in finding a suitable buyer for your IPRs.


Focus on your strategic assets

Patents create costs and organizational burdens if you don’t use them. Clean up your IP portfolio from time to time and allocate your budget on what you really want to develop.

Selling can be the most profitable option

There is no reason for sticking to patents if they no longer make financial sense. Dennemeyer’s Patent Monetization service can be a much more reasonable decision compared to paying for what you don’t want to use yourself or by merely abandoning your patent protection. Patent Monetization is another way of benefiting from your IPR. With our decades of experience and global IP network, we are able to identify the best opportunities to sell your patents.

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There is nothing to gain out of retiring your IP portfolio. Dennemeyer can help you sell it, so you can benefit one more time of your invention.

Dr. Malte Köllner
Dennemeyer & Associates

IP Valuation

Putting a price tag on an IP portfolio it’s something that is worth investing in. Our IP valuation service is your best choice when you are looking for a fair, fast and efficient solution.

IP Intelligence

Keeping an eye out on competition, detecting possible infringements and also future industry trends help you stay one step ahead in the race for the podium.