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After securing registration for your trademarks, enforce them and prevent others from taking advantage of your reputation. Without monitoring trademark filing activities of third parties, it will be difficult to timely become aware of someone infringing your brands.


Single point of contact

A dedicated trademark lawyer constantly monitors critical trademark filings. We will let you know when someone deploys potentially infringing trademark activities.


Regular reports

Your contact person regularly provides you with reports on relevant trademark publications.


Immediate action

Immediate action may be required to meet deadlines for filing oppositions against infringing trademark applications. Our experts are able to take the required measures and respond to approaching deadlines in time.


Global and local expertise

Our global and local expertise enables us to identify critical trademarks, provide an opinion on the local laws and enforce your IP rights wherever they are infringed.

Trademark protection starts with monitoring

The best way to protect your assets is not just done by using a registered trademark, but also by monitoring applications for similar trademarks. Dennemeyer is here to support you in this important task, and help you keep an eye out for anybody that might infringe on your trademarks.

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Dennemeyer registers your trademarks globally, but protection will only be effective if they are enforced against similar trademarks.

Dr. Richard Brunner
Dennemeyer & Associates

Trademark Renewals

Choose between two types of maintenance plans that better fit your company and rest assured that your trademarks are in good hands.

Trademark Searches & Opinions

Everybody is unique in its own way, but to make sure your trademark is truly unique, use Dennemeyer’s professionals to assess your trademark.