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Demo Portfolio Management App 

The free of charge all-in-one IP portfolio management tool

February 17, 2022 Session




The supporting video material will guide you to learn how to use the most prominent functionalities in the Portfolio Management app.
More videos will be added gradually. 

Demo Portfolio Management App 

Das kostenlose All-in-One-Tool zur Verwaltung Ihres IP-Portfolios

February 18, 2022 Session


Demo Portfolio Management App 

L'outil gratuit tout-en-un de gestion de portefeuille de propriété intellectuelle

February 21, 2022 Session

February 21, 2022 Session




March 17, 2022 Session


IP Lounge Summary – What is the IP Lounge and what do I need to know?

Explore the multitude of possibilities that the IP Lounge can offer you as well as learning how to access the Portfolio Management App.


How to submit payment instructions 

The Portfolio Management app gives you the opportunity to submit your payment instructions.

How to create a portfolio list & invoice summary 

See how you can create a portfolio list to keep up to date with any upcoming renewals, the annuity year or any other historical data, as well as invoice overviews for past payments.

How to create a forecast

Gain an understanding of costs and budgeting for your upcoming renewals.

Instruction orders – How can I check and update payment instructions?

View your instructed cases and when they were instructed and update your payment instructions.

Historical Data & Maintenance Actions – How to check for historical data and payment receipts 

To show you how to check the historical data of your portfolio, which is often imperative when keeping track of and up-to-date with due dates, previous payment dates, annuity years and more.

How to add additional fields – How can I add additional fields to my portfolio data layout?

This video will show you how to search for cases using more than just your reference and how to expand your data layout criteria.


How to create products – What can I find in the ‘Products’ tab? 

Here you can create your own product group and link it to your IP Rights as a further step of organizing your portfolio.

Companies – What can I find on the ‘Companies’ tab? 

To give you an insight into our way of working, the Companies section reflects the structure we use internally and acts as a way of keeping track of your cost centers and contacts.

Documents – What can I find in the ‘Documents’ tab? 

Learn more about what documents are stored and what you can do with them.

How can I set up Notifications? 

Here you can learn how to remind yourself on the completion of particular events, such as submitting a payment instruction.

Renewal Status – What is the difference between the varying renewal statuses? 

Learn the distinction between renewal statuses and their relationship with payment cycles.

What are the main features of the Portfolio Management App? 

Discover how to submit payment instructions, create reports, and forecasts.

IP Lounge – How to Contact Us 

This video will show you how you can reduce email traffic by posing us a question via the IP Lounge.

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