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IP management


World Intellectual Property Day: Celebrating the power of IP

Intellectual Property (IP) rights are crucial in promoting the spirit of discovery and ingenuity, serving as the foundation upon which solutions to global challenges are built and scaled.


Intellectual Property and business value: making IP a C-suite priority

What are the three pillars of IP innovation, and how can C-suite members maximize the value of assets that are, by definition, less than concrete?


IP frontiers: navigating innovation in eight key industries

Discover the 2023 annual study by IP Trend Monitor, highlighting eight key industries revolutionized by disruptive technologies, innovative business methodologies and external commitments.


Your comprehensive guide to IP docketing

Learn how IP management and proper docketing techniques can improve your business's resource allocation and support cost efficiency.


Is a cease and desist letter enforceable?

What is a cease and desist letter, and when is it used? Learn the basics of this common first and potentially last step of an IP dispute.


And yet they move: a story of IP and technology assessment

Creating a fleet of autonomous vehicles that can match or exceed the average driver for safety and reliability is no small feat.


IPとスタートアップ: 持続可能性を重視した世界における起業家精神

新しいビジネスは、成長を確実にするためにあらゆるベネフィットを活用する必要があります。 持続可能な知財はその機会を提供します。


Data security and IP protection: lessons from Meta

While the value of data as an intangible asset is increasingly recognized, its complex legal status can present commercial risks.


Balancing investment risk and sustainability in Intellectual Property

No matter their industry, all commercial assets are wont to be touched by time and the fickle winds that varyingly drive and buffet the marketplace.


Transitioning IP departments from cost centers to profit lines

Discover strategies to shift from cost centers to profit drivers, fueling business success and innovation.


The major types of Intellectual Property (and how to protect them)

Understanding the distinctions between the major types of Intellectual Property is critical for protecting them appropriately.


Intellectual Property protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: progress and challenges

Despite facing political instability and infrastructure challenges, economies in Sub-Saharan Africa are on the rise.