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IP 博客 / Dennemeyer & Associates establishes Africa practice group

Dennemeyer & Associates establishes Africa practice group

Dennemeyer & Associates has created a specialist practice group to assist clients in sub-saharan Africa, called “Dennemeyer Africa”. Dr. Fichter, Director of Luxembourg-based patent law firm Dennemeyer & Associates S.A., states: “Due to the increasing demand from clients who require IP management or legal services in sub-saharan Africa and South Africa, it was necessary for us to offer a group of people who focus on that promising growth market.”

Christophe van Zyl, South African Attorney and Trademark Practitioner and of Counsel head of Dennemeyer’s Africa practice group, adds: “The practice group has been created firstly to assist international clients with all their IP business in sub-saharan Africa and South Africa with a more focused approach due to increasing demands from clients for more focused expertise in the region. Secondly because Dennemeyer has identified the continent as a region where clients are reconsidering their level of protection in IP to plan for anticipated economic growth.”

Dennemeyer Africa is capable of offering a whole bundle of IP related legal and management services as well as software solutions covering the entire continent. The range of services includes legal advice on branding in Africa and South Africa, patent and trademark searching, drafting, filing, prosecution, recordals, annuities and renewals, litigation, commercial IP, advice on pharmaceuticals labeling and packaging as well as IP portfolio management.

Van Zyl is based in Europe for the sake of providing easy face to face contact and is available to travel to our clients or meet them at any of our offices in Luxembourg, Frankfurt or Munich. The practice group is backed up by Dennemeyer’s existing global expertise and will include Trademark and Design Attorney (BX / EM) Vanja Nedimovic, Patent Attorney (DE / AT), foreign filing expert Thomas Lederer, Product and Quality Manager Martin Chatel and Dubai-based attorney-at-law Jan Wrede (DE / IT).

For further information about the new practice group please contact Christophe van Zyl.

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