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IP 博客 / IP Christmas Quiz 2018: Play to help us donate for cleaner oceans!

IP Christmas Quiz 2018: Play to help us donate for cleaner oceans!

This winter, help us donate to clean our oceans by participating in Dennemeyer’s IP Quiz. The money generated in this campaign will be donated to the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) to support their goal for nature to be plastic-free by 2030. For each correct answer given in our IP Quiz, Dennemeyer will donate €2 to the WWF. Participants have the chance to take the championship and win a laptop made of environmentally-friendly resources.

Our planet is only as healthy as its oceans and that’s why we believe businesses need to support initiatives like these that go well beyond borders, as does our work. We want to be part of the change and work toward a cleaner environment, together with our clients and business partners. For this reason, the 2018 winter edition of the IP Quiz will support WWF in their effort to clean the oceans of plastic. Everyone is invited to play the game and make us donate, but only registered players can participate and reach the final championship.

Last year, Dennemeyer donated €20.172 to the WWF. This amount was generated through the IP Quiz and was given to WWF for their projects to protect nature's values. In 2015 and 2016, Dennemeyer donated funds from this quiz to Doctors without Borders for their humanitarian projects in the Congo and Iraq.

We invite you to join our cause and play the Dennemeyer IP Quiz!

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