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IP 博客 / Top 9 reasons to use Dennemeyer Octimine

Top 9 reasons to use Dennemeyer Octimine

Dennemeyer Octimine is an innovative startup in the field of IP search and analytics. With their cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology, they provide sophisticated search and analytics services for patents. Octimine's intuitive interface requires almost no training, while its interactive charts enable anyone to quickly understand the results and discover trends, including users with no patent search knowledge. 

These are some of the top reasons that set Octimine apart from its competition:

1. Easy to use

One input field and a click on 'Search' is all it takes to access the treasures of information hidden in Intellectual Property data. Enter a text of abstract length or longer, use one or more publication numbers or combine text and publication number(s) to find patents similar to the technology you are describing. Even without any knowledge of Boolean search or classification codes, you can get started right away.

2. Fast and efficient

Thanks to Octimine's intelligent AI and machine learning technology, your search will be linked to a database of more than 120 million patent documents. The technology then finds and filters out the 1,000 most similar publications, all in a split second!


3. Effortless integration with existing workflows

The export functionality makes it easy to use results acquired with Octimine inside other software environments. You can export the result list as a PDF report or an Excel file and easily import the date into your Boolean search tool or IP management software.

4. Improves search quality

As already mentioned, you do not need expert knowledge to use the search tool. Then why do so many IP experts choose Octimine? The software's semantic approach is entirely complementary to the standard Boolean patent search. While the Boolean analysis relies on a combination of keywords with patent classifications, it often neglects any filings that have been made outside of the classes used to set up the query. Here is where Octimine comes in handy: by using the semantic approach, the software solution only looks for similarity based on the textual information of the patents. Therefore, it can identify relevant documents free from the limitations of IPC/CPC classifications.

Easy-to-understand, interactive analytics graphs help you to know the field better and quickly drill down to the most relevant results. Patent professionals regularly tell us that Octimine's 'Top IPC and CPC classes' charts help them to find highly relevant patents that they missed with their Boolean search.

5. Patent overview made easy with analytics

You can very quickly get an overview of the patent landscape and trends by analyzing Octimine's graphs. For the 1,000 search results, you can swiftly find out who has filed the most applications (top applicants chart), who is collaborating with whom (collaboration network chart) and how the technology has developed (heat map and timeline).

6. Gives you power over AI

Nowadays, most AI software will provide you with a 'take it or leave it' kind of attitude. A closed-off black box asks you to 'just simply trust it.' In Octimine's eyes, this reduces the user to a pure data consumer. Smart users are the ones who steer AI in the right direction, as is possible with Octimine's software solution. An excellent example is the 'Synonyms' feature, which, apart from employing standard synonyms, allows the user to include industry- and technology-specific synonyms into their search.

7. Highly secure 

The team behind Dennemeyer Octimine knows how important data security is in the IP industry and they hand over the data control to their clients. Unless you explicitly tell them to store your past searches, the software will never do so. Anything you request to be saved will be encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption.

Octimine provides a smart solution to access the hidden part of IP industry, one that is often accessible solely to the academic researchers.

8. Access to more than 120 million patent documents

Often, the knowledge described in patents is never made public outside the IP industry and remains hidden to those who base their research solely on academic papers. In a globalized economy where competition is the primary driver of innovation, it is paramount to include all available information into the invention process. Octimine provides you with an easy solution to access more than 120 million patent documents easily and fast.

9. Highly customizable

Octimine's state-of-the-art application programming interface (API) makes it easy to integrate analytics and search services into any preferred software environment. For publishing company Springer Nature, this meant linking patent information to their scientific publications and articles to add a valuable feature for their subscribers. In another case, to optimize the invention process, an IP management system integrated Octimine to create automated search reports based on the invention disclosure.

With Octimine's intuitive interface requiring almost no training, you can enhance the quality and depth of your research by spending not more than 20 minutes of your time. 

Invest your time smartly with our intelligent solution!

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