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IP 博客 / What’s new? Join our autumn workshops!

What’s new? Join our autumn workshops!

Autumn is here! So is our new series of free workshops and webinars. Find out more about how to protect your Intellectual Property assets with topics like comparative advertising, the future of Intellectual Property and EU Trademark Reform.  Keep up with the latest developments in IP.


„IP Update im PIZ Darmstadt“, 12 September 2017 in Darmstadt held by Dr. Malte Köllner, Patentanwalt, Dennemeyer Group.

avatar-mkoellner.jpgCurrent developments from the world of Intellectual Property are ready to be presented at PIZ Darmstadt. Main highlights include BGH vaccuum transport system, protection for genetically modified plants, BPatG Fees for partial applications, BGH Rescue Drop and unitary patents. One topic will also focus on the most recent decisions of the last few weeks.

„EU Trademark Reform“, 19 October 2017 in Munich held by Sabrina Machei, Dennemeyer Group.

avatar-smachei.jpgAs of October 1, the provisions of the new EU trademark regulation will apply. Our after-work networking event will shed light on „burning issues“: Are there already central insights and recommendations? What should you and your business be prepared for?


"The Future of Intellectual Property: IP Study 2030", 12 October 2017

avatar-fmelchiors.jpg Frank Melchiors
Head of Business Development Europe, Dennemeyer Group
Philipp Hammans
Senior Manager, Dennemeyer Group

Download the study here.

"EU Trademark Reform", 2 November 2017


Sabrina Machei
Rechtsanwältin, Dennemeyer Group

Our webinar will give you a compact update on the latest developments regarding the EU Trademark Reform.

"Vergleichende Werbung - Markenverletzungen"26 October 2017

Roland Weede
Head of Trademarks/Rechtsanwalt, Dennemeyer Group

Wie verhält sich das Markenrecht zur vergleichenden Werbung? 

"How to Capitalize on Your Patent Annuity RFP"27 September 2017

Leon Steinberg
Managing Director, North America


"PCT and EP Procedures: Save up to 100% on Search Fee Costs"20 September 2017

Cary Levitt
Chief Operating Officer, Dennemeyer U.S.


"Trademark Renewal RFPs That Get Real Results"11 October 2017

Leon Steinberg
Managing Director, North America



Don't miss these webinars that help you maximize IP operations and minimize costs (and your headaches).  

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