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IP 博客 / 6 things to consider when selecting a docketing service

6 things to consider when selecting a docketing service

When selecting a docketing service, most customers demand uncompromising quality and experienced staff with deep domain experience. There are a few companies, including Dennemeyer, that provide the quality and knowledge that customers demand. However, as the docketing industry has evolved, customers’ demands have also expanded to include:

  • Predictable and economical pricing - customers want a fixed monthly fee that they can count on during their entire budget cycle
  • Unique approach - customers want docketing done the way they want it done with reporting that meets their needs. They do not want a canned approach.
  • Flexibility - customers want a service provider that is capable of reacting to new priorities without blowing up their budget
  • Dedicated liaison - customers want a single point of contact in their time zone


Unique team structure

Dennemeyer designed its delivery model to meet all of the above objectives. To start, we create a team for each of our customers. The teams are partially dedicated. For example, if a customer has two full-time equivalent team members, the team will actually consist of four people working half time for the customer. Our staff generally serve on two teams assuring continuity when employees go on vacation or if we experience turnover. Each team learns the unique needs of our customers and the structure of their IP systems so they can docket the way each the customer wants.

Predictable and economical pricing

Customers receive a fixed monthly fee for their team and the cost is totally predictable. Most team members are located in Romania at Dennemeyer’s legal service center. Romania was selected for the legal service center because of the number of highly educated attorneys and paralegals. Our teams have excellent English skills, superb work ethics and offer a globally competitive salary structure.


One advantage of Dennemeyer’s Docketing service team structure is flexibility. When a customer has a high priority project, we can redirect the team to the new priority without increasing the monthly fee. It is up to the customer to set their team’s priorities. Our docketing workflows are flexible and can be customized to meet changing needs. Temporary additional staff are also available as needed during peak docketing times to share the workload and ease the burden.

Customer service

Dennemeyer offers a single point of contact for customers in their time zones. This single point of contact is the supervisor that oversees the team and has in-depth knowledge of the customer’s needs. They can answer questions, discuss process changes and redirect team efforts.

Experienced staff with deep knowledge

Dennemeyer’s management team has extensive experience managing dockets for sophisticated corporations and have also managed large traditional docketing organizations. Our docketing staff receive extensive training. Dennemeyer has dozens of patent and trademark lawyers on staff that are available to assist with substantive questions. Dennemeyer also has a dedicated team monitoring patent and trademark prosecution laws in almost every jurisdiction. These factors mean that customers don’t have to recruit, train, supervise and retain qualified docketing staff. Instead, they can rely on Dennemeyer.

Uncompromised quality and security are assumed 

Dennemeyer agrees that data integrity and security is of the utmost importance and reliance on the accuracy of one’s data is crucial for the survival and management of IP portfolios no matter the size. Dennemeyer’s overall processes are ISO 9001 certified. The overall provision of our data security is also certified. We apply a comprehensive and proprietary approach by evaluating all documents for content, identifying discrepancies and reconciling them. Dennemeyer has the highest level of quality and reliability in the industry. We understand that customers have invested a fortune to create and maintain their IP portfolios and we take our role of safeguarding these seriously.


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