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IP management


Picture this! Creative Commons and image licensing

Image licensing is part and parcel of web content. But doing it wrong — or not at all — is one of the easiest ways to violate Intellectual Property rights.


Wacky Christmas and New Year's inventions

Join us for a feast of festive IP to carry you into 2023 and beyond!


AI-generated images: Tech milestone, legal powderkeg … or both?

The explosion in the use of AI to create imagines brings up a host of questions related to IP rights.


Everyday IP: The history of podcasting (so far)

Podcasts have cemented themselves as a major medium in our digital age, becoming inextricably bound to the IP framework.


"Don’t copy that IP!" Pirated and counterfeit software

Understanding how pirated and counterfeit software differ is critical to knowing the best ways to protect the underlying IP.


IP Valuation: How to measure what you cannot see

In some cases, the worth of an organization's IP far exceeds that of its physical resources, property or other holdings.


What happens now to Royal Warrants of Appointment?

For many businesses, large and small, succession brings not only a change in ruler but a change in their marketing.


Sustainability in the Intellectual Property life cycle

Unleash the power of IP and innovation to realize business success.


What can be trademarked — and what cannot?

At first glance, the topic of trademark eligibility seems obvious, but the reality is a lot more complex.


What if all IP rights lasted forever?

The concept of Intellectual Property (IP) rights that last forever makes for a fascinating hypothetical — but, in practice, it would be detrimental to creation and innovation.


The now and future of MENAP IP: a roundtable discussion

Our expert panel discuss the current state of IP in the MENAP region and what the future holds.


Cooperation and harmony: IP treaties in MENAP

IP treaties ensure enormous advantages for all kinds of import and export transactions.