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Everyday IP


Everyday IP: Sink your teeth into dental patents

Celebrate the history of dentistry with a look at the patents that have helped keep our smiles healthy and bright.


Everyday IP: A wonderland of winter inventions

Explore how winter weather and patent law come together to produce some indispensable inventions that keep us warm and entertained on gloomy days.


Everyday IP: The building blocks of LEGO law

International LEGO Day celebrates the creativity of play and the patents that make the world's most famous toy possible. Here is how IP keeps LEGO colorful in more ways than one.


Everyday IP: The battles behind comic books

From the Golden Age struggles to today's challenges faced by industry giants Marvel and DC, discover the role of IP in the comic book world.


IP au quotidien : un tonneau d'histoires de whisky

From the monastic origins of the "water of life" to modern-day trademark battles, see how IP has long been integral to the whiskey industry.


Everyday IP: Inventions and innovations with unpopular debuts

Not all inventions set the world on fire, and not all that do find success right away. Some red-hot innovations meet with a frosty reception.


Everyday IP: From watches to wearables

When we say something works like clockwork, we mean it operates in a way that is orderly, reliable and precise, just as any patent should.


Everyday IP: Cycling through time

From the days of the "dandy horse" to the excitement of the Tour de France, the bicycle has become an integral part of transportation history in a relatively short span.


Everyday IP: Spreading the word about mobile phones

One of the most ubiquitous pieces of consumer technology has a lineage that stretches back further than you might expect.


Everyday IP: The big picture of the small screen - innovations behind television

Television, still arguably the principal medium for home entertainment, owes its dominance to several notable innovators — and more than a few IP disputes.


Everyday IP: The history of jeans

The history of jeans involved numerous groundbreaking innovations, but some are far more well-known than others due to a number of world-changing patents and trademarks.


Everyday IP: The history of sneakers

Sneakers represent much more than a type of footwear. They have a massive global cultural impact — and major significance in the world of IP.