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The seven deadly sins of trademark filing

Master the trademark filing process to avoid common pitfalls and secure your brand successfully.


The human element of Intellectual Property: personalities behind innovation

The intersection of personality and Intellectual Property (IP) is often overlooked, yet it plays a crucial role in how inventors and IP professionals engage with the patent process.


Dedicated to quality: Dennemeyer passes ISO 9001:2015 recertification

Ever pursuing excellence, 21 Dennemeyer entities have been recertified for quality management until 2027.


Dennemeyer's commitment to sustainable business

At Dennemeyer, we are committed to helping all our clients achieve their green targets while pursuing our own.


エブリデイ IP: LEGOを構成する要素



Cost cuts, ditched desperados and digital disclosure

Learn about reduced fees for small inventors in Europe, why notorious names cannot be trademarked and how a proposed U.S. law could bring AI transparency to copyrights.


World Intellectual Property Day: Celebrating the power of IP

Intellectual Property (IP) rights are crucial in promoting the spirit of discovery and ingenuity, serving as the foundation upon which solutions to global challenges are built and scaled.


An Italian perspective of appropriation art: genuine expression or art(full) violation

Appropriation art challenges traditional notions of authenticity, originality and authorship in that it willfully reproduces (as it is or with some modifications) a work created by others.


Design law steals the show

Two major developments in 2024 are set to give a further boost to design rights and likely make them even more attractive for designers and other creative businesses.


エブリデイ IP:歯科特許に食い込む



Sneak attack on the track: ambush marketing and the Summer Olympics

Excitement is building for the French Olympics and Paralympics this year, but brands face the challenge of understanding intricate IP and ambush marketing rules.


IP spring: European trials, tribulations and statistics

Spring is buzzing with legal drama and the latest figures for patented innovation on the continent.