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Artisanal pride and legal prejudice

Explore the European Union's expansion of IP exclusivity for traditional industries and two recent out-of-court settlements.


Five ways IP can help in a recession

Market downturns are painful, but as a category of intangible assets, IP is less susceptible to these kinds of fluctuations and can offer much-needed stability.


Design patents and design rights: What are they and what do they do?

Designs require protection just as inventions do. Learn how a design patent or similar IP right can help safeguard your unique creations.


Everyday IP: A barrel of whiskey stories

From the monastic origins of the "water of life" to modern-day trademark battles, see how IP has long been integral to the whiskey industry.


Fast cars and ketamine in the electrified world of IP

Take a trip through the latest trademark, patent and copyright news stories from around the world.


Digitizing brands in a video game world

Video games have become some of the biggest names in entertainment. How can digital brands complement their traditional counterparts, and what are the dangers?


Belle of the Intellectual Property ball: fashion and trade dress

In today's troubled economic environment, everyone is looking for savings. That poses particular challenges for the fashion industry, which depends on the launch of new products each season.


IPとスタートアップ: 持続可能性を重視した世界における起業家精神

新しいビジネスは、成長を確実にするためにあらゆるベネフィットを活用する必要があります。 持続可能な知財はその機会を提供します。


Charlotte Steinhardt appointed Chief People Officer

The Dennemeyer Group appointed Charlotte Steinhardt as Chief People Officer.


Everyday IP: Inventions and innovations with unpopular debuts

Not all inventions set the world on fire, and not all that do find success right away. Some red-hot innovations meet with a frosty reception.


Data security and IP protection: lessons from Meta

While the value of data as an intangible asset is increasingly recognized, its complex legal status can present commercial risks.


Patent whiffs, name tiffs and deepfake tricks: a fragrant IP mix

Some developments in the world of Intellectual Property kick up a stink, others entice the senses. Just who will come out smelling of roses?