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Springer Professional

Springer Nature provides high-quality scientific and specific content for companies on its Springer Professional platform. To improve readers' experience, the publishing company extends access to appropriate patent information within any technical article.

This need is met by PatentFit, a collaborative effort of Springer and Octimine. By integrating Octimine's API into Springer Professional, users can receive patent data without leaving the platform or interrupting their research.

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to your needs

You can build highly customizable solutions with Octimine's API, allowing you to integrate relevant patent data wherever you want.

Tap into
patent potential

Octimine's API effortlessly connects your content to patent data, enabling you to leverage valuable insights with minimal coding effort.

Efficient information

Streamline patent analysis workflows by automating repetitive tasks. With the API from Octimine, you can redirect your time and effort to more important matters.


Octimine’s API is trusted by industry leaders such as Springer to deliver a reliable and high-quality solution for patent analytics.



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