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Dennemeyer & Associates – a world-leading trademark professional!

The World Trademark Review 1000 research directory, which focuses exclusively on trademark p…


Die Zukunft des geistigen Eigentums - Ein Ausblick auf 2018 und darüber hinaus

Die Studie "The future of Intellectual Property" beschreibt, wie sich das Management von IP künftig verändern wird und leitet daraus Strategieoptionen ab.


Dennemeyer donates more than 55,000 euros to charity projects

This year Dennemeyer decided to support transparency and sustainable use of natural resources, therefore we decided to donate WWF part of the proceeding from our IP Christmas Quiz.


55 years of IP history – the right time to take off

Stefan Rautenberg - Global Head of Business Development at Dennemeyer - describes the evolution of the IP industry and how Dennemeyer stays ahead of the curve.


Dennemeyer & Associates opens IP law firm in  Paris

The new office will assist current and future clients with protecting their IP rights in France.


Dennemeyer Group and IPCORP partner to combine IP expertise and blockchain technology

The Dennemeyer Group and IPCORP are pleased to announce their partnership, aiming to ensure the optimal use of blockchain technology for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP).


Golden disclaimers

The European Patent Office has issued decision G 1/16 on the allowability of undisclosed disclaimers introduced into a patent claim.


Happy New Year - let's ring in 2018

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2018. Thank you for choosing the Dennemeyer blog in 2017. This fantastic year was only made possible by readers like you!


33 years of Trademark Renewals

A wonderful analysis on how Dennemeyer has become over the 55 years of existence, one of the most powerful IP entities on the global market.


30 years of Dennemeyer Japan

Dennemeyer is celebrating 30 years of excellence on the Japanese market. Mr. Futoshi Anouma is sharing the story behind the success of the Japanese office.


Selective distribution contracts: a way to preserve the prestige of luxury goods?

The European Court of Justice issued a decision to restrict the selective distribution contracts that concerns the preservation of the image of luxury brands.


IP Christmas Quiz 2017: Make us donate for a more transparent world!

This year Dennemeyer donates 2€ to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for each correct answer given in our IP Christmas Quiz. You play, we pay!