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IP Blog / Top 10 features of DIAMS iQ, Dennemeyer's IP software solution

Top 10 features of DIAMS iQ, Dennemeyer's IP software solution

DIAMS iQ, Dennemeyer's IPMS, was developed to support all your Intellectual Property management needs. Read on to discover a quick introduction into the world of DIAMS iQ and a highlight of our top 10 features. These are not, however, listed in order of importance, nor are they intended to form an exhaustive record of iQ's characteristics. 

1. The user-specific section

DIAMS iQ was developed with user-friendliness in mind, and it features a segment focused on providing quick access to your most recent work. Patents, trademarks, designs and more are displayed, in a user-defined order, as a detailed list that supports filters and configurable layouts. From the same section, users can retrieve emails through IMAP and save documents received from our adjacent web feature, DIAMS collaborate. 

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2. The asset modules

Patents, trademarks, designs and other non-prosecution matters are similarly designed and managed in DIAMS iQ. Their blueprint works with the concept of linking each record to a profile, thus enabling the system to keep all associated IP in the form of an asset family. Patent annuity and trademark renewal due dates are automatically calculated, and the responsible parties are notified. A comprehensive document management system (DMS) is available within each module, allowing the attachment of relevant data in any format type regardless of file size.

3. The stand-alone modules

Although companies, contacts and cost items can be linked to the main assets, they can also exist in DIAMS iQ as stand-alone records, without requiring a profile. These elements are particularly useful for managing contact information of entities stored in the system and to show the relationship between different organizations or agents and certain assets. Moreover, a hierarchy feature is included, enabling the user to link companies to child or parent organizations.

DIAMS iQ is capable of saving multiple lists of filters as templates, which can be used to rerun the same queries at a later time. The tool can even search for fragments of text within scanned PDF files.

4. The search function

DIAMS iQ is capable of performing searches in multiple ways, from a quick method involving predefined criteria, to an easy-to-use configurable search. The tool allows our system to save complex lists of filters as templates, which can be accessed to rerun the same queries as often as needed, even by other users. Optical character recognition (OCR) is also supported, enabling iQ to even search for fragments of text within scanned PDF files.

5. The reports

The results of searches performed in DIAMS iQ can form the basis of flexible and in-depth reporting. Detailed reports can easily be configured and kept near, always one click away, or scheduled to be sent automatically to a list of recipients on specific dates, at defined times.

6. The transfer of payment instructions

DIAMS iQ spotlights the transfer of patent annuity and trademark renewal payment instructions. The need for automation is embedded in our software, and the facilitation of payments is part of it. Instructing our Annuities or Renewals departments to pay a specific fee is as simple as clicking a button.

7. The mail merge designer

Our software can use information such as application, grant or registration date, upcoming due dates with reminders, name of attorney or inventor, email address, phone number, signature and more, to query the database and automatically populate Outlook or MS Word templates. These can then be accessed instantly or scheduled to be generated at a later time.

Our software can automatically populate Outlook or MS Word templates with a wide variety of information that can be accessed instantly or scheduled to be generated at a later time.

8. The country viewer

This feature provides up-to-date information on trademark, patent and design conventions applicable in jurisdictions around the world. Furthermore, it supports a section for country-specific remarks and notes.

9. The country law updates

Dennemeyer has a dedicated department managing the information held in our database regarding country laws. Approximately four times per year, our colleagues are releasing a new document highlighting the most recent country law changes. As these adjustments can affect different due date calculations, the country law updates part of iQ can be used in conjunction with batch updating. The batch update is a quick and simple way of recalculating due dates for a defined list of assets.

10. The audit log

DIAMS iQ features an integrated Audit Log tool that is capable of providing details such as username, date and time, type of action, asset record ID, the object that was changed and more.

Our goal with the top 10 features of DIAMS iQ was to provide more insight into how you could use our software to manage your IP portfolio efficiently. We are looking forward to hearing from you if you would like to know more or if you have any specific questions for us. And, of course, our dedicated team of software consultants is ready to organize a live demonstration for you.

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