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Complementary web apps for IP management

Portfolio Management Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management
Manage renewals and more
Obtain European patents Obtain European patents
EP Validation
Obtain European patents
Smart global TM filing Smart global TM filing
Trademark Filing
Smart global TM filing
Customer center Customer center
IP Lounge
Customer center
Portfolio Management
The stakes are high when you manage IP rights, whether you are a small business trying to protect your newly registered symbol or a multinational company with an extensive portfolio. Dennemeyer IP Group provides services and digital tools for all aspects of Intellectual Property rights management. You can take advantage of the Portfolio Management app that handles these issues without slowing you down. It covers due case overviews, renewal data, pricing info, portfolio reporting, budget tracking, customized notifications and a single sign-on via IP Lounge customer interface — all the essentials for keeping your genius protected.
EP Validation
Successfully going through the prosecution and grant stage has allowed you to obtain your European Patent (EP). The next step is to get it validated in each country where you seek protection, which requires time-consuming and burdensome translations formalities. Dennemeyer will take over and help you complete the procedures in one single instruction. With the help of our EP web app, you can fully administrate the process and, for example, generate orders.
Trademark Filing
No more worrying about the filing status or fee payments associated with your trademark filings. The IP Group provides an efficient and complication-free filing procedure. Profit from global efficiency with, e.g., easy and fast price quotes, quick filings, regular updates on the status of your pending registrations. A simple invoice process allows for frustration-free bulk filings on a global scale. TM Filing web app is the digital platform giving you the full power to oversee, trigger, and administrate processes and all actions for your trademark folio.
IP Lounge
The IP Lounge is the single sign-on, 2-factor authenticated entry point to your world of IP at Dennemeyer. It offers you insights into your portfolio, a news feed with the latest articles of our IP Blog, the document exchange feature, where you can share and upload your documents and the possibility to contact your Dennemeyer IP expert.
Access the full gamut of Dennemeyer services via our API

Make the IP journey seamless so nothing stands between your software and our services.​ Together, we can automate multiple IP flows by opening and integrating new digital connections to transmit IP data more fluidly across systems.

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Digital IP

Modular and scalable IP solutions

The IP Group uses the acquired global know-how and network to constantly push the boundaries of its modular tool system for Intellectual Property management. Custom and standardized digital services serve the R&D-driven industry segments, all company or portfolio sizes, budgets and global regions. Application packages can be combined and cover large areas of the Intellectual Property life cycle.


100% cover

Stay modular and future compatible within a rich landscape of digital tools.


Access technology

Up-to-date technology such as deep learning increases efficiency.


360° perspective

Solutions cover the IP life cycle and your global needs.



Accuracy, stability and timely delivery create the DNA of our legal business.