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Unitary effect and European validations in view of national prior rights

It has now been over six months since the doors of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) opened, bringing numerous changes for European patent applicants and recent patentees.


Everyday IP: The battles behind comic books

From the Golden Age struggles to today's challenges faced by industry giants Marvel and DC, discover the role of IP in the comic book world.


Resistive forces: examining counter-influences to AI uptake in IP practice

The enthusiasm to apply AI to professional services has its place, but we must be aware of the technology's limits and risks when patents are concerned.


A taste of IP news, American-style

This month's IP news is a cornucopia of updates from the home of roast turkey and pumpkin pie.


And yet they move: a story of IP and technology assessment

Creating a fleet of autonomous vehicles that can match or exceed the average driver for safety and reliability is no small feat.


More than meets the eye: trademark functions in the modern era

Nothing in Intellectual Property (IP) law is one-dimensional, least of all the ubiquitous trademark.


IP briefs: Abolition of the EPC's "10-day rule"

For the Intellectual Property (IP) system to function predictably and consistently, regulations must be set in stone. Yet that stone can still be reshaped as needed.


Spooktacular Halloween inventions

This time of year, the moon can have a strange effect on even the stalwart IP sector. So, join us as we lift the coffin lid on five eerie inventions – if you dare!


Artisanal pride and legal prejudice

Explore the European Union's expansion of IP exclusivity for traditional industries and two recent out-of-court settlements.


Five ways IP can help in a recession

Market downturns are painful, but as a category of intangible assets, IP is less susceptible to these kinds of fluctuations and can offer much-needed stability.


Design patents and design rights: What are they and what do they do?

Designs require protection just as inventions do. Learn how a design patent or similar IP right can help safeguard your unique creations.


Everyday IP: A barrel of whiskey stories

From the monastic origins of the "water of life" to modern-day trademark battles, see how IP has long been integral to the whiskey industry.