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Fast cars and ketamine in the electrified world of IP

Take a trip through the latest trademark, patent and copyright news stories from around the world.


Digitizing brands in a video game world

Video games have become some of the biggest names in entertainment. How can digital brands complement their traditional counterparts, and what are the dangers?


Belle of the Intellectual Property ball: fashion and trade dress

In today's troubled economic environment, everyone is looking for savings. That poses particular challenges for the fashion industry, which depends on the launch of new products each season.


IP and startups: entrepreneurship in a sustainability-focused world

New businesses need to seize every advantage to ensure their growth. Sustainable IP presents one such opportunity.


Charlotte Steinhardt appointed Chief People Officer

The Dennemeyer Group appointed Charlotte Steinhardt as Chief People Officer.


Everyday IP: Inventions and innovations with unpopular debuts

Not all inventions set the world on fire, and not all that do find success right away. Some red-hot innovations meet with a frosty reception.


Data security and IP protection: lessons from Meta

While the value of data as an intangible asset is increasingly recognized, its complex legal status can present commercial risks.


Patent whiffs, name tiffs and deepfake tricks: a fragrant IP mix

Some developments in the world of Intellectual Property kick up a stink, others entice the senses. Just who will come out smelling of roses?


Balancing investment risk and sustainability in Intellectual Property

No matter their industry, all commercial assets are wont to be touched by time and the fickle winds that varyingly drive and buffet the marketplace.





Everyday IP: From watches to wearables

When we say something works like clockwork, we mean it operates in a way that is orderly, reliable and precise, just as any patent should.


Brand defense 101: Making the reactive active

With imitation and counterfeit products on the rise, navigating the complexities of brand protection has never been more challenging or more necessary.