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Dr. Richard Brunner

Global Head of Legal
Global Head of Trademarks
Rechtsanwalt (German lawyer)

Dr. Richard Brunner's relationship with the Dennemeyer Group dates back to 2008, when he joined the company as Head of Trademarks with the mission to restructure the trademark legal practice of Dennemeyer & Associates and to establish the firm's first foreign branch office. Today, Dr. Richard Brunner is proud of his outstanding trademark legal team and the many further international branches that followed since then.

He also established the in-house legal department and oversees an excellent team of international corporate legal counsel. 

Prior to joining, Dr. Richard Brunner worked several years as a litigator in copyrights for recognized law firms with a focus on the music industry. Dr. Richard Brunner is passionate about making legal topics accessible to non-lawyers and writes articles relating to copyrights, IP legal outsourcing, and corporate governance.

Richard Brunner speaks English, German, French and has been active in the field of IP since 2001.

Area of expertise: Trademarks, Domains, Designs, Copyrights

Qualifications & Authorizations

  • Doktor der Rechtswissenschaften (Dr. jur.) Doctorate in Law, Germany
  • Rechtsanwalt (German Lawyer)
  • Executive MBA

Selected publications