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Keeping your trademarks active around the world

Trademarks and service marks are key elements of the brand image your organization presents to the world — customers, competitors and business partners alike. Maintaining their visibility and viability is essential if you want your company's name and imagery to have an enduring impact on the market. Entrusting the administrative responsibilities of trademark renewal to the experts at Dennemeyer can make the process more streamlined and cost-efficient, without sacrificing comprehensiveness or timeliness.

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The key benefits of Trademark Renewals

IP service benefit IP service benefit
A legacy of expertise
Dennemeyer is responsible for the oversight of more than 700,000 trademarks and service marks in over 200 jurisdictions all over the world.
IP service benefit IP service benefit
Renewal service options
Get a tailor-made service that supports and complements your internal processes thanks to flexible optional services — like customized reporting options or our power of attorney program.