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Maximize business impact with a top-performing IP department

Create a connected, fully integrated, faster and more productive IP ecosystem in which empowered people use optimized tools and processes to realize value. Retool and rearrange your reactive IP department to transform it into a proactive catalyst for innovation. Our world-class comprehensive support starts with a status-quo assessment and continues with detailed road mapping and uninterrupted guidance. The experts at Dennemeyer work in concert with your team at every step on the path to operational excellence.

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Choose your packages for IP Operations

Future-proof IP operations Future-proof IP operations
Future-proof IP operations

We bring proven approaches that enable smooth processes and define appropriate resources and interfaces for maximum impact.


IP Performance Assessment IP Performance Assessment
IP Performance Assessment

Dennemeyer's IP maturity score reveals the status quo, benchmarks strengths and identifies improvements to reach IP excellence.


Organization design Organization design
Organization design

Develop the organizational structures, roles and governance to best leverage your IP staff's skills and expertise.

Process optimization Process optimization
Process optimization

Digitalization and automation eliminate redundant work and help make required processes more efficient and effective.

Change management Change management
Change management

Get in the driver's seat and develop your IP staff into proactive innovation catalysts who impel your organization's future strategies.

Transformation of IP function Transformation of IP function
Transformation of IP function

An IP transformation takes time, steady steering and the empowerment of IP staff. We help identify, shape and actualize outstanding IP operations.