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IP performance

Empower your Intellectual Property

Explore Dennemeyer Intellectual Property Consulting, meet the team, view solid use cases and figures, find answers.

Innovation & IP Creation

Turn innovations into valuable and robust IP rights. Optimize your inventions with Dennemeyer — not via random approach but as a sustainable concept fully integrated with your R&D.

IP Intelligence & Insights

Unleash Intellectual Property potential with individualized monitoring and portfolio analyses. With a comprehensive and customized portfolio analysis from intelligence experts, you can identify potentials and leverage insights for maximum advantage.

IP Risks & Due Diligence

Identify IP risk potentials and resolve them. Intellectual Property due diligence and IP risk mitigation are crucial for avoiding unpleasant patent- or trademark-related surprises and securing business success.

IP Operations

Develop your IP department into a powerhouse with producing tailored IP operations. Dennemeyer helps your IP department and wider organization evolve toward operational excellence by combining innovative techniques with continuous guidance.

IP Strategy

A strong IP strategy aligns your IP activities with your business goals. Whether you are active in an evolving sector or deal with mature technologies, a tailored IP strategy helps you get the most out of your intangible assets.