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Dennemeyer has a unique position on the global IP market. The combination of our global IP law firm – Dennemeyer & Associates –, the IP management service provider – Dennemeyer IP Solutions –, Dennemeyer Consulting; as well as our state-of-the-art IP management software – DIAMS iQ – makes us the sole “full service provider” for global IP management. Our customers benefit from our broad range of expertise – all within one provider.

Where we are

Over more than five decades, our global presence has developed into more than 20 offices on all continents. Since 1962, we have continued to open offices to better serve our customers. We believe that our customers deserve the best representation wherever they want to protect their IP; in their language and in their time zone.

What you can expect from us

We believe that quality is a prerequisite when working with a service provider. Every provider or IP law firm will agree on this; but, only a few have evidence. This proof of quality is why years ago we invested in an effective Quality Management program to plan, conduct and constantly monitor our service quality and guarantee customer satisfaction.

What we stand for

The IP industry is currently undergoing massive changes. IP service providers worldwide have become the target of private equity investors. We believe that IP rights are not just a commodity. IP rights are some of the most valuable assets of a company. We also believe that the current developments in the IP industry do not inspire trust or confidence. Mergers and takeovers are fundamentally changing this industry and will lead to an increasing price pressure and consolidation. Dennemeyer continues to stand as an independent, trusted partner to our customers.

What this means for you

For decades, key characteristics of intellectual property management services have been reliability, steadiness, and long-term business relationships. Now, many customers are cautious and concerned that a private equity business model, driven by fast profits, will adversely impact their intellectual property rights. In this sense we are watching the developments in our industry with care, bucking the industry trend and investing for the long-term. Despite that sustainably oriented philosophy our global group has seen a growth rate over the last few years well above the industry as a whole. It seems that customers value our philosophy and the lack of private equity capital. We are customer-oriented, self-funded and owner-managed. We are Dennemeyer – The IP Group.

Our history

The foundation of Dennemeyer's extraordinary success story was laid 50 years ago in Luxembourg. Since 1962, Dennemeyer has earned a reputation for setting the service standard in the IP industry and remains dedicated to discovering and developing improved ways to protect and preserve intellectual property rights around the world. Initially a patent law firm, Dennemeyer soon became a full-service provider, addressing our services to the entire chain of IP management. A succession of innovations has transformed the company headquartered in Luxembourg into one of the world's largest IP service providers.

1962 - 1973
Beginnings in Luxembourg

The story begins. John. J. Dennemeyer establishes a patent law firm in Luxembourg. Business is flourishing, the patents world is in full bloom.

It is the time for new inventions, new technologies and new beginnings. Soon, the Luxembourgish patent law firm is becoming a familiar name in the industry, as big clients make it their go-to company for patent related issues.

1973 - 1984
Seeing the future

The company is extending and a first foreign office Dennemeyer & Co. Ltd. is established in Stockport (UK) and the first computer-based patent annuity payments in the world begin here. The electronic age is making its rise and Dennemeyer & Co. sees what the future needs.

In 1984 the first patent and trademark administration software is released. The world of IP welcomes the new arrival, workflows are being streamlined and processes are simplified.

1984 - 2008
Going global

New offices are opened all over the world for what is starting to turn into a global company. Tokyo (Japan) in 1987, Paris (France) in 1997, Somerset (New Jersey) and in Chicago (Illinois) both in the United States in 2004, Munich (Germany) in 2006, all become homes to Dennemeyer offices.

Also, in 1997 the trademark administration software "Hypermark", the precursor of modern DIAMS, is acquired, laying the foundation for what is going to become one of the most powerful IP management systems of today.

In 2008 Dennemeyer is awarded ISO 9001 quality management certification.

2009 - 2017
Growing further

The Dennemeyer Family grows and is now present on almost all continents. Dennemeyer & Associates is established in Brasov (Romania) in 2009, in Munich (Germany) in 2010, the joint venture PAN Asia IP Services Ltd. is created in Beijing (China) in 2010, new Dennemeyer & Associates offices in Chicago (USA) in 2010, Tokyo (Japan) and Warsaw (Poland) in 2011, 2012 in Melbourne (Australia), 2013 in Zagreb (Croatia), Dubai (UAE) in 2014 and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2015.

In 2011 the first version of DIAMS iQ is released, making the work of countless people an activity a lot less stressful.

In 2013 Frankfurt patent law firm Köllner & Partner affiliates with Dennemeyer & Associates.

In January 2017 Dennemeyer IP Solutions opened a new office in Singapore, followed two weeks later by the new Dennemeyer & Associates office in Moscow. Only another few months later Dennemeyer & Associates closed the last remaining white space on Dennemeyer’s world map with the opening of its office in Johannesburg.

Excellence, recognized

We are always honored when our efforts and approach are recognized by the industry through awards and nominations.

IP Due Diligence Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards, 2016
Trademark & Copyright Law Firm of the Year in Luxembourg CorporateINTL Global Awards, 2016
Trademark and Copyright Law Firm of the Year Finance Monthly Global Awards, 2016
Best Pan-European Law Firm International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards, 2015
IP Innovation Award, Patent Monetization Acquisition International, 2015
Best Foreign Filing Law Firm, Germany Corporate Vision European Corporate Excellence Awards, 2015
IP Due Diligence Law Firm of the Year in Germany KMH Media Group