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Christoph Klamp

Global Head of Country Law of Dennemeyer & Associates S.A.

Country Law Administrator of the Dennemeyer Group


Christoph Klamp holds a law degree from Heidelberg University and has a wide experience in the field of IP. He was Head of the Patent & Trade Mark Department at PAVIS eG, Starnberg, Germany for 11 years, a lecturer of Trade Mark Law, at Marktplatz-Marke, Nuremberg, Germany, and a Senior IP Lawyer at Dennemeyer & Co. SARL, Luxembourg. In addition, he heads the International Recordals department of Dennemeyer & Associates since 2011.

His areas of expertise are trademark, patent & design law, corporate law, public and private international law.

Christoph Klamp speaks English and German and has been active in the field of IP since 1996.

Qualifications & authorizations

  • German Degree in Law (Studium der Rechtswissenschaften)