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Dr. Reinhold Nowak

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Before joining Dennemeyer, Dr. Reinhold Nowak has held leadership functions in several large German companies such as 3M, ESPE AG and the IP recruitment firm Omega Consulting Group. He joined Dennemeyer in 2006 as Chief Executive Officer and has led the company to unprecedented growth and development. Since July 2022 Dr. Nowak serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and safeguards that the Dennemeyer Group is further developed and led based on the long-term vision to be a trusted and sustainable partner of first choice in IP to all our clients.

During a 25-year career with leading positions in sectors such as industrial adhesives, dental materials and medical devices, Dr. Reinhold Nowak was responsible for research & development, project management and Intellectual Property. Focusing on innovation and efficiency, he established in several of those industries, direction and procedures for idea management, competitive intelligence, business development and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Dr. Reinhold Nowak deepened his practical experience with an Executive MBA when he graduated in 2003 with a master’s thesis in Technical Strategy from the University of Pittsburgh. Since 1998 he has been an assessor of the arbitration board for employee inventor compensation at the German DPMA and has helped enforce several important Supreme Court Decisions in the area of IP law. In addition to lectures held at universities and congresses, he has published numerous articles and case studies on the above topics both in books and professional journals. Furthermore, he is a member of AIPPI, ECTA, LES, MARQUES and VPP.

Dr. Reinhold Nowak speaks English and German and has been active in the field of IP since 1987.

Qualifications & authorizations

  • Doctorate in Chemistry, Germany (Dr. rer. nat.; Dipl.-Chem. (Univ.))
  • Executive MBA