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Keeping counterfeiters away from your goods

Growth and popularity are essential for any brand looking to stay on track in a crowded marketplace — unfortunately, these qualities also significantly increase the risk of counterfeiting. Even a single product that is duplicated without authorization can represent a notable threat to your bottom line, and repeated instances harm a brand's reputation as well as its profit margin. The Dennemeyer Group's international reach and long history of excellence in the IP sector make us an ideal partner for your company in the fight against counterfeiting.

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The key benefits of Anti-Counterfeiting

Benefit Anti-counterfeiting Benefit Anti-counterfeiting
Dedicated legal aid

The anti-counterfeiting experts at Dennemeyer not only respond to instances of fraudulent product duplication with legal action, but also proactively work to mitigate counterfeit risks.

Benefit Anti-counterfeiting Benefit Anti-counterfeiting
Superior quality of service

We tailor our anti-counterfeiting measures to meet brands' unique needs across all industries, finding innovative solutions to even the most esoteric problems in niche markets.