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The human element of Intellectual Property: personalities behind innovation

The intersection of personality and Intellectual Property (IP) is often overlooked, yet it plays a crucial role in how inventors and IP professionals engage with the patent process.


Driving the future: innovations steering the automotive industry

Explore the trends mapping the automotive industry's future: advanced batteries, autonomous driving and more.


Design law steals the show

Two major developments in 2024 are set to give a further boost to design rights and likely make them even more attractive for designers and other creative businesses.


Dennemeyer's commitment to sustainable business

At Dennemeyer, we are committed to helping all our clients achieve their green targets while pursuing our own.

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Romania ratifies the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court

On September 1, 2024, Romania will join the UPC and become the 18th participant in the Unitary Patent system.


Data, intelligence and IP – the future of ICT

We view information and communication technology projections through an IP lens to discover how innovation is defined, shaped and protected.


Sowing the seeds – supporting biotech progress with IP

Discover how biotechnology shapes health innovation and drives advancements in Intellectual Property across diverse technological fields.



Preserving prestige: Intellectual Property challenges in the modern luxury goods industry

The luxury goods sector is evolving, and so are its IP strategies. Learn about new obligations and opportunities in this industry.


Coconuts and counterfeits – product and trademark piracy under palm trees

Summer means sun, sea, sand and shopping! But buyer beware, those unbelievable prices at seafront stalls could be for counterfeits.


Registering trademarks for plants in Australia

A trademark's purpose of distinguishing the origin of goods in the market is especially relevant when those products are new, unique plant varieties.

Industry News


Big cheeses: trademark defeat, AI heat and Romania’s UPC seat

Delve into a trademark battle over burgers, the expanding Unified Patent Court and a coalition of major music labels confronting AI on copyright infringement.


Patents, policies and privacy: the highs and lows of technology in IP

From COVID-19 vaccine patent battles to the USPTO's trademark system updates and the EU's new AI regulations, we explore how Intellectual Property navigates these dynamic changes.


Dedicated to quality: Dennemeyer passes ISO 9001:2015 recertification

Ever pursuing excellence, 21 Dennemeyer entities have been recertified for quality management until 2027.