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Validate your European patent across the region

Earning patent rights from the EPO is cause for celebration — but time is still of the essence! You must hit the ground running and use the next three months to validate your latest patent in every EPC member state in which you wish your invention to be protected. This means fulfilling all formal requirements in each country, performing translations where applicable and paying the obligatory fees. Dennemeyer & Associates can streamline this process for your organization, overseeing all validation operations in a thorough and prompt fashion.

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The key benefits of EP Validation

EP Validation benefit EP Validation benefit
Representation throughout Europe

Dennemeyer manages EP validation through direct representatives in 16 EPC member states. Where necessary, we entrust these duties to our trusted partners elsewhere in Europe.

EP Validation benefit EP Validation benefit
Seamless integration

Validation services are directly integrated with all Dennemeyer’s other patent management offerings, allowing for a simpler, streamlined, more secure process.