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Search for existing patents relevant to your product

The complexities of the IP world demand that businesses conduct considerable research before committing to the costs of developing and selling a product. Organizations that fail to do so, and inadvertently replicate prior art, can find themselves embroiled in costly, reputation-damaging lawsuits. With an FTO search conducted by the experts at Dennemeyer, you will ascertain the legal viability of your product, saving you from wasting precious time and resources.

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The key benefits of Freedom to Operate Searches

Determine the viability of a product Determine the viability of a product
FTO risk assessment

In addition to gauging your risk of patent infringement and providing workaround strategies, Dennemeyer can help you determine whether your proposed product constitutes a good or bad investment of resources.

Fast analysis Fast analysis
Timely service

FTO searches and analyses, promptly carried out, mitigate risk by avoiding the filing of patent applications that are likely to fail.