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Extend the duration of your EU patents with SPCs

Due to the need to protect public health, pharmaceutical products in the EU, once patented and produced, must go through meticulous review before they can be sold. Completing this process may take several years and it cannot be expedited even if patents might expire before an MA is earned. Dennemeyer & Associates can help you obtain any necessary SPCS to keep your pharmaceutical patents from lapsing in the interim without jeopardizing your compliance.

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The key benefits of Supplementary Protection Certificates

Add five years to your IP rights Add five years to your IP rights
Multi-year extension

Depending on how much time elapses between the date of your patent's filing and when an MA is approved, SPCs can add as many as five years to the life span of your IP rights.

File for maximum extension File for maximum extension
The best strategy for your needs

Dennemeyer's expert patent attorneys will help you file for and receive SPCs that offer the maximum allowable extension, based on the unique demands of your IP portfolio.