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Filing your patent with the proper international or local authorities is not the flashiest process of monetizing your invention. Dennemeyer can consult on the best filing strategy matching your business strategy. No matter if you need fast protection, cost-efficient protection or bulk filing, we have the proper solution for you.


Bulk filing

No matter how many patents you need to file, we will make sure that they are all filed at the right time.


Global presence

Due to our local offices and international agent network, Dennemeyer can attend to the filing of your applications in virtually any jurisdiction.


Quality management

Even the administrative process of filing a patent application follows strict quality guidelines.

Act fast, protect your invention

The sooner you file your patent application, the faster it will start making you money. Taking into consideration the rate that scientific progress is expanding, you should consider that somebody else is already inventing the same thing. Be the first and file the application. Some of our filing concepts even help you save money in international patenting.

Contact our legal team

It may not be a jungle, but when dealing with administrative authorities it pays to have an experienced partner. Dennemeyer combines local expertise with global coverage. In combination with our comprehensive service offering, we are your “global” partner of choice for all eventualities.

— Martin Chatel
Product and Quality Manager, Dennemeyer & Associates

Patent Drafting

Benefit the most of your inventions by having professionals create your patent drafts.

Patent Prosecution

Are you faced with a case of opposition or a nullity action? Dennemeyer & Associates will handle all administrative and substantive office actions with the respective patent office.