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Filing your patent with the proper international or local authorities is not the flashiest process for exploiting your invention, but it is undoubtedly efficient if done correctly. Dennemeyer can consult with you to determine the best filing strategy for your short- and long-term business plans. We will offer custom solutions for any organization looking to establish patent protection as promptly and cost-effectively as possible, whether you need to file a small number of patent applications or complete bulk filings for large portions of your IP portfolio.


Bulk filing made easy

We will make sure all of your patent applications are filed at the right time and meet the relevant requirements of patent offices.


A worldwide presence

Due to the genuinely global scope of our agent network, spread out across all inhabited continents, Dennemeyer can attend to the filing of your patent applications in virtually any jurisdiction.


Quality is guaranteed

You do not need to understand exactly how to file a patent application when you work with Dennemeyer to protect your IP portfolio's critical assets.


Cutting-edge solutions

Dennemeyer's support is not limited to our array of legal, administrative and consulting services. Our Octimine software solution can examine any technical text in real-time and find the most similar patents while also providing valuable insight into technological life cycles.

Provide detailed information about your invention

When preparing to file a patent application, you need to cover numerous bases and provide detailed information about how your invention works. Though the specifics vary somewhat from one regulator to the next, in virtually all cases, you will have to establish that your invention is novel, came about as a result of an inventive step, and has a practical application.

Once your patent application is filed, the patent office(s) will search national, regional and international databases for pending or registered patents, as well as any other potentially relevant disclosures and documents that have any similarities to your proposed invention to help form a judgment on novelty and inventive step.

Start protecting your IP rights. Use highly efficient patent filing support.

The sooner you file your patent application, the faster it will start making you money. Delays, by contrast, can be dangerous. Given the increasingly rapid speed of scientific progress and technological development, you should consider that somebody else may already have invented the same thing as you (or are in the process of doing so).

Be the first to file the application with the assistance of Dennemeyer and give your organization a considerable market advantage. Additionally, our filing concepts can even help you save money in international patenting.

Get an analysis by our legal team

It may not always be 'a jungle out there' in the world of Intellectual Property, but when you are dealing with multiple administrative authorities (and various sets of overlapping or conflicting regulations), it pays to have an experienced partner by your side. Dennemeyer combines reliable local legal expertise with truly globe-spanning coverage. Due to our comprehensive breadth of services, from patent and trademark filing to cutting-edge IP management systems, we are ready to be your global partner of choice for all IP-related eventualities.

— Alin Todirică
Coordinator of PCT Nationalizations (RO), Dennemeyer & Associates

Patent Drafting

Develop the best possible representations of your inventions by having professionals create your patent drafts. Dennemeyer can tailor your draft to precisely meet different IP regulators' requirements and improve its chances of approval.

Patent Prosecution and IP defense services

Once your patent application has been filed, you will need to convince the patent office(s) that it should be granted. Dennemeyer & Associates can handle all necessary administrative and legal steps with the appropriate patent office(s).