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Get the most value out of your trademarks, be prepared for the ever-changing legal requirements around the world and benefit from the highly competitive rates our renewal services offer. Choose between our two maintenance plans, depending on your organization's specific needs. Focus your efforts on your company's key activities and rest assured that your trademarks are in good hands.


Standard renewals

Our most affordable service yet: You can obtain substantial savings with a high level of standardization and automation.


Premier renewals

With maximum flexibility and no compromises, you gain complete freedom from the administrative workload.


Extend your portfolio’s value

Apart from our regular renewal packages, we offer related services such as express renewals, power of attorney programs, budgeting support, and many others.


Optional services

In addition to our renewal packages, we can help you with mergers and assignments, name and address changes, or reclassifications.

Minimize costs while enjoying world class trademark maintenance

Free yourself from the administrative task of handling your trademark renewals and let Dennemeyer’s trademark experts handle them for you. You will benefit from a single point of contact for your worldwide trademark renewals.

Stay on top of things with data updates, data validation and on demand portfolio reports. You will have secure access around the clock to our portfolio management web app. Receive regular country law updates and information about changes in trademark law all over the world.

Get more details about IP maintenance packages

Covering every aspect of trademark renewals and with two different service packages fit for any organization, Dennemeyer’s Trademark Renewals is the ultimate solution for anybody that requires top quality trademark management without any risk and with minimum hassle.

Dr. Philipp Garbade
Managing Director IP Solutions, Dennemeyer

Start effective protection by tracking infringements

Monitor your competitors’ activity, be ready for action when you spot possible infringements of your trademark.

Trademark oppositions and trademark enforcement

It’s important to take legal action against the parties who have infringed your trademarks, while simultaneously defending yourself against possible litigation.