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Safeguarding your website domain names from counterfeit

In years past, trademarks were arguably the most important encapsulation of a brand's identity, but in the digital age, domains have become every bit as vital. Without properly registering domain names for your organization's websites, you surrender internet visibility for your products and services — which amounts to an insurmountable competitive disadvantage. Dennemeyer & Associates can help you establish distinct domains that will guarantee awareness of your goods and services in the increasingly crowded virtual universe.

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The key benefits of Domain Protection

benefit domain protection benefit domain protection
Comprehensive registration

Dennemeyer will ensure that the second-level domains for your websites are filed not only with ICANN-accredited registrars but also protected as trademarks.


benefit domain protection benefit domain protection
Fighting unauthorized use

If any third parties attempt to infringe upon domains that should be yours through "cybersquatting" or other forms of misappropriation, we will readily bring legal actions against them.