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IP Blog / Dennemeyer@Southeast Asia: New office in Singapore

Dennemeyer@Southeast Asia: New office in Singapore

International IP Full Service Provider Dennemeyer is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Singapore (“Dennemeyer Southeast Asia”). The branch of Luxembourg-based Dennemeyer group now covers all ASEAN countries.

Dennemeyer in Singapore offers state of the art Intellectual Property (IP) related management services as well as software solutions for the Southeast Asian territories. The range of services includes IP management software, patent annuities, trademark renewals, recordals, consulting and seminars, PCT National Phase Entry, European Patent Validation as well as patent and trademark filing outside Southeast Asia.

Dr. Reinhold Nowak, CEO of the Dennemeyer Group, states: “Our clear strategic vision is to become the number one IP provider worldwide. Driven by organic growth, not pushed by private equity investments we constantly expand our global presence in order to provide the most comprehensive range of IP services as close to our clients as possible. Southeast Asia is a fast growing region that plays an important role in that context. With many existing clients in the region and in order to better understand the local needs it was a logical step for us to establish an office there.” 

Dennemeyer Singapore will be headed by Jens Martin, who has been working in Singapore since 2011. He holds a Master’s degree in Service Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and was educated in Germany and Australia. During his work as a Senior Consultant (Trade Promotion) at the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, he has supported companies with their market entry in Singapore and various countries in the region. Having established an extensive network in Southeast Asia, Martin has since facilitated business collaboration among multinational corporations, embassies as well as ministries and government agencies.

In his new role as Managing Director, Martin will be spearheading Dennemeyer's regional business development activities and play a key role in developing and implementing marketing tools and initiatives. He will lead a growing team, dedicated to support Dennemeyer's service and software clients in Southeast Asia.

Martin: “With more than 600 million people, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is one of the largest economic zones worldwide and is increasingly becoming a driver of global growth. By establishing a regional headquarter in Singapore, Dennemeyer shows its commitment to the region and we are thrilled to offer our renowned Intellectual Property (IP) services and expertise in this burgeoning part of the world.”

You are kindly invited to contact our new office, located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD):

Dennemeyer (SEA) Pte. Ltd.
30 Raffles Place, #23-00 Chevron House
Singapore 048622
Phone: +65 6233 6811
Fax: +65 6233 6800

For further information about Dennemeyer Southeast Asia please contact Jens Martin.

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