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Environmental, social and corporate governance

Dennemeyer strives to be a sustainable organization and partner in all aspects of Intellectual Property (IP).
Explore our latest initiatives aimed at minimizing our environmental impact and promoting social responsibility.

We are committed to driving positive social change through a diversity, equity and inclusion policy together with philanthropic activities and initiatives


Our diversity, equity and inclusion statement

Dennemeyer is committed to providing a supportive and an inclusive work environment based on equal treatment. We value diversity and are proud of our international team.

Dennemeyer — a global team. Inherently diverse, naturally inclusive.

See our sustainability report for more.


Diversity and inclusion initiatives

Dennemeyer offers flexible working models, barrier-free offices and health partnerships to prioritize the well-being of our team.

As part of this, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone feels comfortable, safe and valued.

Read our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report.

Culture and values project

Our culture and values project aims to build awareness, understanding and connection between global offices. By sharing our experiences and perspectives, we hope to improve team collaboration, bridge geographical distance and foster a cohesive Dennemeyer.

Selected community activities

Collecting waste around Brasov

2018 - National Cleaning Day, September 16

Since 2009, approximately 2.2 million volunteers have participated in this project to clean the environment in Romania.

Planting hundreds of oak trees


More than 50 enthusiastic Dennemeyer employees contributed their free time to help plant 300 oaks close to Brasov.

Fostering environmental awareness


Youth program sponsorship promoting understanding of the environment to ensure a better human-nature relationship.

Securing the Carpathian wilderness


Stopping illegal logging and protecting a significant area of Carpathian forests. This is done by purchasing land and leasing hunting rights for the full protection of all natural elements.

Empowering young innovators


Sponsorship supporting a group of young students in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) 2023 competition.

Organizing blood drives

Ongoing projects

We organize blood drives across Dennemeyer offices to bolster local healthcare efforts and contribute to various health initiatives.

Preserving cultural history

Ongoing project

Dennemeyer supports a cultural initiative to restore a historically significant fortified church in Transylvania, Romania. This project involves apprentices for various traditional handicrafts.

Transforming waste into value


Dennemeyer supported an initiative in China focused on exchanging used goods to extend their life cycles and reduce waste that might otherwise end up in landfills.

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Dedicated to quality: Dennemeyer passes ISO 9001:2015 recertification

Ever pursuing excellence, 21 Dennemeyer entities have been recertified for quality management until 2027.

Dennemeyer's achievements in sustainability

Dennemeyer's commitment to sustainable business

At Dennemeyer, we are committed to helping all our clients achieve their green targets while pursuing our own.


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