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IP Blog / Confidence & Transparency: Our commitment to Data Security

Confidence & Transparency: Our commitment to Data Security

For businesses today it is critical to safeguard sensitive data against the growing number of online and natural threats. For data security, the operative words are confidence and transparency. Dennemeyer remains dedicated to security and takes extensive technical measures to protect client data when managing Intellectual Property portfolios.

  • Physical Location: All of our servers are located in Luxembourg and are Tier 4 certified; this ensures that clients have maximum reliability, quality, and security. Being the strictest certification level, Tier 4 data centers offer the highest redundancy standards, levels of availability, and least amount of hours of interruption per year.  Leading the data center industry, Luxembourg’s data protection standards are among the highest in the world due to the stringent service and technical performance levels required.
  • Access: Dennemeyer is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our focus is to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the data that comprises your IP portfolios. We take the protection of your information seriously and have robust systems in place to manage and address risks that threaten data.
  • Data in Motion: We also minimize risk and maximize security through our Virtual Private Network. Offering a secure connection in which all network traffic is encrypted is a matter of course.

Although this list isn’t exhaustive, Dennemeyer operates a resilient, high security, and high-availability architecture through certified procedures to ensure that service performance continues to meet client expectations. Due to the importance of the topic Dennemeyer will keep on publishing news and articles on data security and keep you informed.

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