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IP Blog / Daniel Gurfinkel, Dennemeyer & Associates, appointed adjunct professor at John Marshall law School

Daniel Gurfinkel, Dennemeyer & Associates, appointed adjunct professor at John Marshall law School

Chicago, IL USA DATE- Daniel Gurfinkel, an attorney registered to practice before the US Patent and trademark office and a Principal in the Chicago office of the law firm of Dennemeyer & Associates, LLC, has been appointed as an adjunct professor in the faculty of the John Marshall Law School’s Center for Intellectual Property.

The John Marshall Law School is located in Chicago’s financial district. John Marshall’s Center for Intellectual Property has led the way since 1940 and is one of the nation’s leading IP programs.

“I look forward to joining the John Marshall patent clinic to help inventors who otherwise could not participate in this process bring their ideas to the patent office”, said Daniel Gurfinkel.

About Dennemeyer & Associates

Dennemeyer & Associates is a leading IP law firm with a genuine international span. We maintain six offices in five European countries (Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Romania, Croatia) and five further offices in non-European countries (United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, Brazil). Our international team of patent and trademark attorneys is admitted to practice before the Patent and Trademark Offices of several additional European and non-European jurisdictions (e.g. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, EU, EPO, and New Zealand).

As a well-reputed and reliable intellectual property partner for multinational corporations and small and medium sized companies across industries for more than 55 years, the jury has recognized our pan-European footprint and our ability to deliver accurate and top-tier legal services to our European and non-European clients.

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